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Helda Beans


The Helda bean is a particularly suitable variety for picking when green. They were introduced to Europe by Spanish conquistadors who brought them from Mexico and Peru. Their tender pods and seeds are eaten cooked and are very nutritious. They help to eliminate fluids, have antioxidant properties and improve the circulation. Their flavour is highly prized in cooking all over the world.


Nutritional values for 100 g. of Helda beans


Calories 36,42 kcal.
Fat 0,58 g.
Cholesterol 0 mg.
Sodium 1,50 mg.
Carbohydrates 4,20 g.
Fibre 2,40 g.
Sugars 2,22 g.


Proteins 2,38 g.
Vitamin A 69,80 ug.
Vitamin B12 0 ug.
Iron 1 mg.
Vitamin C 23,40 mg.
Calcium 51,70 mg.
Vitamin B3 1,45 mg.